Give and Take

Writing 101, Day 7

Give and Take

Contrast two things in the form of a dialogue.

Envy vs. Satisfaction

This is an extreme version of a conversation between the two sides of my conscience. 


“Damn. I really wanted that, so of course she would get it.”

“Are you talking to yourself again?”

“Shut up.”

“Why? I like talking to you. You’re interesting.”




“Of course, I’m easy to please, but you… you’re interesting.”

“How? I don’t get to do interesting things. I get passed over for interesting jobs. No one tells me interesting stories.”

“Who does get all these interesting things?”

“Everyone! Look at you, for example.”


“Yes, you. You have to get whatever you want. You’re just so happy.”

“Easy to please.”

“Whatever. You’re just so you. You don’t get it.”

“Doesn’t sound like something I want.”

“See? You don’t even care when you don’t get something.”

“Why should I? I’m not entitled. I’m no better than anyone else. So I do my best, take what I get and make the best of it.”

“I want that.”





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